No Lube.

So far, so bad. We start the month by losing what seems to be a solo Rook in the US TZ which was interesting and spurred many unanswered questions but it’s not half as bad after tonight.

Mmm, that left a sting, more because of the stupid that caused it though. Me and my partner in crime jumped on their scout/bait after watching him scan down a couple of signatures and pew’d him a little on a hole leading to a c3 in our static, their scout was in a tank fit Legion which spurred alarm bells but we kept going till they gave us a reason to leave, Proteus uncloaked a Vigilant landed with two guardians behind them. Yay.

We jumped through the hole and made ourselves scarce fairly successfully with the other half of their fleet landing the other side as we warp away including another Legion & Absolution. We sit still for a while, make lunch and chill and we decide to run for it through a c2 with a static high next door, since we guessed they where going to be camping to c3 > c3 hole and actually turned out to not be as easy as we hoped, they lived in said c2. We jump into their c2 as we land on hole at zero and make it safe again and we start warping around to see if they are dropping bubbles/cross ref signature IDs to try and scout their Static High on dscan and this is where I fucked up, I warp to a planet to drop a safe mid-warp, land on the planet and proceed to click the bookmark for the wormhole we just jumped through instead of the safe I just made, Woot. I land, Absolution, Vigilant, Devoter. Oh man I am about to have a bad day, I jump.

Couple more ships this side, notably a Crow. Fuck.

And I am 900m from the hole. Fuck.

“Dude, are you safe?” “No, I am fucked.” “Really?” “Yeah, proper fucked, Crow and 900 off hole, Fuck.” “Fuck.”

I try to get off anyway, nope, he has me locked. Surprise surprise. I try to jump back in, polarized for 30 seconds I knew I was going to be polarized but saw 30 seconds and a glimmer of hope appears I derp around on the hole till it’s over and try and kill the Crow, his two Guardian mates keep him up pretty easy, no surprise there really, but worth a shot. I jump through again and I am 1700m off hole. Fuck.

I am pretty sure the Crow did not follow me straight in and/or that I did have a window to get through although the Devoter, now bubbled and another body are still parked this side but human error bites me in the ass again as I keep frantically hitting warp to a celestial and not align while smashing my MWD and cloak and not adding 1 + 1, wow I fucked up really hard in the last minute and a half.

I get locked by the Crow again and eject to see my Proteus implode and I am in a bubble. Back to dirty k-space with me!

I am bad and I should feel bad. Fuck.

EDIT: Le’mon Found this, pretty suiting tbh


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